An Inclusive Community / A Model of Transformative Diversity


St. George’s began as a simple idea bandied about over dinner, in a tiny Episcopal rectory, in the winter of 1959. Friends, neighbors, and a church community came together to bring the dream to life: to lay strong educational foundations, to forge fine character, and to do so bravely and joyfully.

Within the year the idea became a school, and St. George’s opened its doors in Germantown to both boys and girls, and to families of all religions and races. Almost 60 years later, we are a city-spanning network of three campuses, with sprawling facilities, an exceptional faculty, and nearly 1,200 students from 50 zip codes. We have added a second lower school campus in Memphis, funded by generous donors, and expanded to encompass middle and upper divisions in Collierville. Most importantly, we have established a reputation for academic vigor, character education, and happy and successful students.

A unifying principle: transformative diversity

St. George’s commitment to transformative diversity begins on the first day of school, in Germantown and Memphis, where we bring together students from a wide range of backgrounds and beliefs

Our students do what kids naturally do: notice differences, explore them, forget them, and transcend them to form friendships. We create an atmosphere in which differences are embraced, not ignored, through the process of knowing and being known.

That will to know and be known takes root across all campuses. Our students find common ground despite their different backgrounds, in the simple convergences of being a teenager, being a student, being human. A shared favorite band. A mutual talent for lacrosse. A similar struggle in calculus class.

As they interact and connect, St. George’s students change themselves and one another—and change, we hope, the face and fate of a city.

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