SGGO: connecting to our natural world

Research shows that time spent in natural settings has many life-enhancing benefits for young and old. The St. George’s Great Outdoors (SG-GO) initiative is part of the school’s effort to ingrain these benefits while also boosting students’ appreciation and understanding of the environment. Students will have great fun and create life-lasting memories in the process!

The video above was made by SGIS students for a Media/Marketing/Design class.


As a part of the school’s approach to holistic education, the St. George’s Great Outdoors (SGGO) program strives to foster stewardship of our own beautiful campus and encourage outreach into all of God’s creation. In doing so, SGGO seeks to promote self-reliance, mutual respect, and life-long appreciation for the great outdoors that will have a meaningful impact in everyday life.




SGGO strives to foster enjoyment and appreciation of the outdoors that will last long beyond a student’s years at the school.

SGGO is an initiative designed to develop student leadership through experiences in the outdoors, both “here” (on our own campus) and “there” (in the rest of God’s creation).

SGGO encourages members of the school community to take healthy risks and to step out of their comfort zones while promoting self-awareness, confidence, trust, and acceptance.

SGGO seeks to instill in students outdoor skills and knowledge through hands-on experiences, all the while developing environmental responsibility.


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