On Being an Episcopal School

What does being in an Episcopal School mean for a St. George’s student?

It means starting many days in chapel, seeking the wise counsel of chaplains and other guest speakers. It means embracing a culture permeated with Judeo-Christian principles including the belief that every person is a child of God and that loving thy neighbor entails seeking your neighbor in everyone. 

And at St. George’s, our Episcopal values also lead us to our uncommon commitment to inclusion, in an atmosphere that welcomes families of any faith. We dedicate ourselves to something stronger than mere tolerance – instilling, instead, a heartfelt respect for differences in thought and belief, and a deeply rooted conviction that seeing the whole picture means synthesizing multiple perspectives.

As part of this commitment to inclusion, we seek out pupils from many walks  of life, every religious tradition, all races, and more than 50 zip codes – because we believe our classrooms should reflect the realities of our city. We know that the bridges built at St. George’s result in a genuinely transformative diversity. Our students change, inform, and enrich the experiences of their peers and, together, build a community that celebrates difference and recognizes commonality.

For more information:

St. George's is a member of the National Association of Episcopal Schools. Visit the NAES website for more information

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