Our Strategic Plan and Educational Vision

We have a bold vision for education in the mid-south, guided by the school's strategic plan which was approved by the Board of Trustees in February 2014 following an extensive self-study done through the accreditation process. Centered on our mission, the six guilding principles of the plan augment and sustain each other and are listed below:

  • St. George’s will deliver an effective and efficient learning program that ensures excellence.
  • St. George’s will ensure curricular cohesion that best supports high academic achievement.
  • St. George’s will be distinguished as an educational innovator by our experiential learning program.
  • St. George’s will embrace the transformative power of diversity through building relationships that foster an appreciation for one another.
  • St. George’s will reinforce our Judeo-Christian values by acknowledging the Episcopal tradition in the school as an anchor of our spiritual identity.
  • St. George’s will engage in strategic and tactical operations to support the ongoing mission of the school.



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