Technology: Middle and Upper School

The Collierville campus has a wealth of technology resources for teaching and learning. This is our sixteenth year with a one–to–one laptop program, and we also incorporate iPads into curricular activities. This blended learning environment provides access to a variety of tools from which students can select, using the tool that best meets the needs of the curricular goals. Student–centered learning, differentiated instruction, digital literacy, and lifelong learning are all fostered by the integrated use of technology.

In addition, there are many other technology tools available on campus. Virtual field trips and discussions with experts are often conducted through videoconferencing programs such as Skype and Hangouts, and students are able to virtually collaborate with students from other schools around the world..

St. George's is a Google Apps for Education school, and students regularly use Google's tools for communication, collaboration, creativity, and publishing. In addition, students use a standard suite of software that includes the Microsoft Office suite and multiple web 2.0 and online resources. These include Discovery Education and Quia as well as many others.

Veracross is utilized as our student information system. The resources Veracross provides are comprehensive, and they provide a great deal of support to the academic program, our students and teachers, and the greater St. George's community.

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