Sports Medicine

St. George's is proud to announce our partnership with ORTHOMEMPHIS, who will be overseeing our Sports Medicine/Athletic Trainer needs. Below you will find the wide range of care that we will now receive from  ORTHOMEMPHIS:


For players injured on game night

Friday Night Football Clinic
By Fellowship Trained Sports Medicine Orthopaedic Surgeons
9 pm – 11 pm
Every Friday
August 17 – November 9, 2012


6286 Briarcrest Avenue Ste 120
Memphis, TN 38120
901-261-STAT (7828)

For urgent orthopaedic care

ORTHOSTAT® - Urgent Orthopaedic Care Clinic
Monday – Thursday 8am – 8 pm & Friday 8 am – 5 pm
901-261-STAT (7828) – no appointment necessary

6286 Briarcrest Avenue Ste 120
Memphis, TN 38120
901-261-STAT (7828)

For specialized Orthopaedic Care

ORTHOMEMPHIS Appointments: 901-259-1600

Sports, Knee & Shoulder
Thomas Giel, MD
David Deneka, MD
Kenneth Weiss, MD
Timothy Krahn, MD
Randall Holcomb, MD
Hand & Upper Extremity
Daniel Fletcher, MD
Jeffrey Cole, MD
William Bourland, MD


Foot & Ankle
Dean Jameson, MD
Matthew Massey, MD (starting Nov 2011)


Spine Center
Michael Sorensen, MD (physical medicine)
David Dowling, MD (physical medicine)
Sam Murrell, MD (spine surgeon)


Joint Replacement
Jared Patterson, MD
Michael Neel, MD
Timothy Krahn, MD
Kenneth Weiss, MD
Randall Holcomb, MD


Musculoskeletal Oncology
Michael Neel


ORTHOSTAT® Urgent Care
Michael Heck, MD

Heat Concerns and Outdoor Sports

The Gryphon Athletic Department wants to take this opportunity to inform and educate all of our athletes and families on the procedures that we are taking with the heat exposure that comes with fall sports practices and games.  Please click here to read more on this subject.

St. George's Policy on Concussions

For information on St. George's Concussion Policy and the new ImPACT testing that our Sport's Medicine/Athletic Trainers conduct on our varsity athletes at the beginning of every season, please click here

TSSAA and NFHS are implementing a new concussion policy that goes in to affect this school year. Please click here to view the memo from TSSAA and know that St. George's will be following these guidelines in all sports.

Click here to preview an informative video course on concussions by The National Federation of State High School Associations.

Staph Infection

The Gryphon Athletic Department is making every effort to control the problem of staph infection.  Click here for an important link regarding staph.

For the latest recommendations and comprehensive advise on preventing MRSA infections, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's MRSA Web site.

Resources for Athletes

Please visit the following websites as great resources:

1.  For more information on the Prevent Injury and Enhance Performance (PEP) program, visit the Web site of our sister publication, Training & Conditioning. Click on "Video Library" to view exercise clips from the PEP instructional DVD and access an order form to purchase your own copy.

 2.  This site contains the National Athletic Trainers' Association's position statement on disordered eating, which offers specific advice on screening methods.

 3.  Find out more information on  the ATHENA (Athletes Targeting Healthy Exercise & Nutrition Alternatives) program.

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