SGIS Celebrates our State Champions

2017-2018 State Championships


 Above:  Varsity Girls Soccer State Champions                                                    Above:  Victoria England, '19
                                                                                                                        2017 State Girls Golf Medalist

2016-2017 State Championships

Above:  Sarah Thompson, '17 
50 Free Gold Medalist Champion


Above:  Varsity Boys Golf State Champions                                 Above:  Winston Margaritis '18
                                                                                                2016 State Boys Golf Medalist

2015-2016 State Championships

Above:  Claire Sullivan '16 
Girls Ind. Tennis Champion 


Above:  Sarah Thompson, '17                              Above:  Varsity Water Polo State Champions
50 Free Gold Medalist Champion

Above:  Varsity Football State Champions 

Above:  Varsity Boys Golf State Champions                                 Above:  Davis Irving '18
                                                                                                      2015 State Boys Golf Medalist

2014-2015 State Championships

Above:  Varsity Girls Golf State Champions                                        Above:  Victoria England '19
                                                                                                       2014 State Girls Golf Medalist

Above:  Varsity Boys Basketball State Champions


Above:  Varsity Baseball State Champions                                         Above:  Claire Sullivan '16 
                                                                                                       Girls Ind. Tennis Champion 


2013-2014 State Championships


Above:  Boys Golf State Champions                                      Above:  Girls Soccer State Champions


Above:  Grant Hirschman                        Above:  Water Polo state Champions
2013 State Golf Medalist 

2012-2013 State Championships


ABOVE:  Boys Soccer State Champions                     ABOVE:  Marshall Sullivan '15, Boys Ind. Champion 
                                                                        Claire Sullivan '16/Libby Heflin '13, Girls Dbls.



Above:  Grant Hirschman                     
2012 Individual Golf Medalist


2011-2012 State Championships


 ABOVE:  Volleyball State Champions   


 ABOVE:  Football State Champions

2010-2011 State Championships


  ABOVE:  Boys Golf State Champions                       


  ABOVE:  Grant Hirschman
  Individual Golf Medalist


ABOVE:  Girls Volleyball State Champions


2009-2010 State Championships


          ABOVE:  Hunter Kraus                                                   ABOVE: Girls Soccer State Champions
Three-time State Individual Golf Medalist  
                   2007, 2008, 2009



  ABOVE:  Michael Sheppard                                                ABOVE:  Boys Basketball State Champions
1st Place in the 100 Back, Broke
state record and currently holds
   the fastest time in this event 
   this season in the country.


ABOVE:  Girls Lacrosse State Champions


2008-2009 State Championships


ABOVE: Girls Tennis Champions                                            ABOVE:  Girls Doubles Champions  


ABOVE:  Boys Golf Champions

Hunter Kraus was also named the Individual Medalist in Boys Golf.


2007-2008 State Champions

Wow - what a year!  As we end the 2007-08 school year, St. George's can claim FOUR STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS in athletics - a huge accomplishment for such a young school!  Congratulations, students and coaches. Go Gryphons!

For more athletic success stories, visit the team pages or our major honors page.
Click here for a list of SGIS student playing at the collegiate level.

ABOVE: Football - State Champs                             ABOVE: Boys Golf - State Champs

ABOVE: Girls Soccer - State Champs                              ABOVE: Boys  Soccer - State Champs



Hunter Kraus was named the Individual Medalist in Boys Golf and Stephen Williams was the Individual Champion in Boys Cross Country!

St. George's also congratulates Tony Whicker, St. George's very first dual-championship coach, for bringing home state championship trophies in both girls and boys soccer.

"I am very proud of the dedication of our student athletes as reflected in the success of our teams this year. At St. George's, we have often tried to emphasize the importance of success as a manifestation of commitment, determination, and effort. The legendary basketball coach, John Wooden, said, 'Try your hardest in all ways and you are a success. Period. Do less than that and you have failed to one degree or another.'  At St. George's, we work to emphasize this approach to success in athletics, academics and in all aspects of the program. I am proud of the determination and commitment of our student athletes this year and the many positive ways that this reflects their experience at St. George's." 

        – William W. Taylor, School President


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