Greetings from the Advancement Office!

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the various ways you can help St. George’s Independent School achieve its mission through generous gifts of your time, talent, and financial resources – with each, the school grows stronger. For more than 50 years, St. George’s has relied on generous philanthropic support to be able to grow and sustain its purpose. Committed Gryphons, whether they are alumni, parents, grandparents, friends, or foundations, have thoughtfully preserved the tradition and innovation of the school through consistent charitable support. The partnership/combination of financial support and active volunteers is a magic formula that sets a stage where every gift to St. George’s has a large impact.

Consistent and generous support enables St. George’s to create and sustain new programs like the Institute for Citizenship, the Gryphon Outdoor Program, and the arts. Your support also positions the school’s athletics teams for success, provides for the upkeep of our exceptional campus facilities, and adds professional development opportunities for the faculty and staff.

Our St. George's Fund is where we ask our families and friends to direct their gifts. The school is also sustained by a professionally managed endowment. Today, more than 10% of the school’s budget is derived from the school’s voluntary support and the long range plan is to grow this percentage. If you would like to get involved with your time, contact the Parents Association!

Your support is valued, crucial, and impactful. Make a difference today by making a gift.

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