Student Publicity

We love to brag about our students, but we need your help!  If you have a story or photo about a student you would like recognized, please send it to us.  We are happy to highlight them on our Student Stars page and/or  submit stories to our local newspapers.

Follow these simple guidelines when you have a photo or story for press submission:

STEP 1: Coordinate with the Communications Office when you have a press submission or story idea. We welcome your assistance, but ask that you allow the school to do the actual submission. You may email your photo or story to Sarah Cowan or call 261.2390.

STEP 2: Send high-resolution photos; these will be clearer when reproduced in printed publications.

STEP 3: Include a description of the student or event, answering the “Who, What, Where, When and Why” questions.

STEP 4: Once again, please submit your stories and photos directly to the Communications Office, not to the local media.  We have contacts at our local papers and are happy to take care of necessary terminology and details.

Please continue to check the Student Stars page on the SGIS website.  New stories and photos are posted regularly!  If you have comments or questions about coverage of St. George's in the local media, we invite you to contact the Communications Office.  

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