Technology: Lower School

At the lower school level, technology is utilized to support positive learning experiences, for asssessment, to expose students to resources beyond their classroom walls, and to access, evaluate, and communicate information.

  • PK, JK, and SK: Students work on iPads and use educational apps to reinforce academic skills and explore curricular topics such as insects and systems of the body.
  • Grades 1-2: Students work in the classroom and in the technology lab on activities such as drawing the parts of a plant, graphing, and categorizing animals according to characteristics. Second graders also use laptops to access and analyze information, collaborate with classmates and people around the world, and create presentations to share their findings with peers and parents.
  • Grades 4-5: Students use laptops on a daily basis. They use concept mapping software to analyze characters in novels and take notes in social studies. They learn how to properly format a research paper and create a works cited page. They work in collaborative groups on projects, and are very confident and competent with computers when they move to the Collierville campus where each student has his/her own laptop in sixth grade.
  • Teachers: Teachers use technology to enhance learning the learning experience for students. Many use PowerPoint presentations to introduce and reinforce topics from Everyday Math and the Open Court Reading series. Specialty teachers provide enrichment of curricular topics with Internet resources. Teachers also create iMovies of field trips, classroom plays, and service projects that are shared with students and parents. Additionally, faculty in the elementary division publish their grades online via PowerSchool so that parents are able to keep abreast of their children’s progress.

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